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Thursday's Factor

  • Fiery Debate on What Schools Should Teach
  • Tuesday's Talking Points

    Yesterday the Inspector General of the State Department harshly criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for...

    Massachusetts Fallen Heroes

    218 Massachusetts soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen killed in action since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks – will be honored with the dedication of the Massachusetts Iraq and Afghanistan...

    No Spin News

    Hear Bill's commentary for Premium Members, open to ALL this weekend.

    The Factor

    A plan that is fair, humane, and can be implemented quickly. Number one, in order to stop the border madness, President Obama must demand that Mexico police its own borders.

    Weekdays with Bernie

    Bernard Goldberg opines on the North Carolina newspaper that says girls will just have to get used to seeing transgendered boys in their showers.

    BOR Staff Column

    The latest Washington Post/ABC News poll has both nominees viewed unfavorably by 57% of the American people. Their positive ratings are slightly higher than lawyers and newspaper reporters...

    Judge Nap's Weekly Column

    The problem of lawyers lying to judges is extremely serious. Our system of litigation -- lawyers present facts and argue about laws, and judges rely on the truthfulness...

    Personal Story

    Beck opines on the 2016 race and speaks on his recent visit to Facebook over alleged anti-conservative bias.

    American Patriot Quiz

    What was John Wayne’s nickname? 

    Latest Poll

    Trump Does It!!

    Donald Trump has reached the magic number of delegates to be the GOP nominee. Honestly, did you see this coming?
    I knew it from the day he announced
    I thought it was possible, not likely
    Color me totally shocked and surprised

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    Mohegan Sun Arena
    Saturday, June 18
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    Uncasville, CT

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    Saturday, June 18
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    Friday, September 23
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    Saturday, September 24
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    Mississippi Coast Coliseum
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    13 Hours w PM
    Legends and Lies: Patriots