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  • The Factor Too Soft on Trump?
  • Obama on the Campaign Trail
  • Will the GOP Hold Congress?
  • Watters' World: The Millennial Vote
  • Monday's Talking Points

    On Saturday at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump delivered a speech that promised a contract between him and the American voter.

    Personal Story

    Columnist Jennifer Rubin, who has accused The Factor of playing softball with Trump, gamely entered the No Spin Zone for a verbal sparring match that got a bit heated.

    No Spin News

    He’s not getting a fair shake and he must be very, very frustrated to see all the stuff happening...

    Video of the Day

    Zeke Emanuel, who helped design the Affordable Care Act, is badly bruised after trading verbal punches with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.

    News Quiz

    Who implied that he would like to administer a physical beat-down to Donald Trump?

    Killing Reagan

    Mr. Ryan's motivations and Mr. Wemple’s writing are hardly what anyone might consider objective journalism. Rather, it is a smear campaign meant to attack you and the Reagan book. 

    BOR Staff Column

    Any doubts that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton absolutely, positively loathe one another? You might watch a few clips from Thursday night's Al Smith Dinner at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. 

    The Contributing Factor

    Ed Henry gives us the inside story of the 2016 campaign. What’s Trump’s strategy for the last few weeks of the race?  How worried is Hillary Clinton about the WikiLeaks scandal?

    O'Reilly & Colbert

    Bill and Stephen Colbert talk Trump, Clinton, and what each candidate needs to do in the final presidential debate.

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    What do you truly expect will happen on November 8th?
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