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Paul Ryan chairs which important House Committee?

Bernie's Weekly Column
None of our rights come without limits.
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How many Americans are members of the National Rifle Association? Column
Something about the gun debate brings out the worst in politicians. On both sides. 

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Monday's Talking Points
President Obama Reveals Himself
If you did not see 60 Minutes last night, it is worth watching the interview with Barack Obama.

It is instructive because the president honestly feels he is doing an excellent...Read The Memo
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Impact Segment
Personal Story
Hume Zone
Personal Story
Watters' World
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Where Do You Stand?
After serving a suspension, should a domestic abuser such as Ray Rice or Greg Hardy be allowed back into the NFL?
Yes, everyone deserves a second chance
Nope, one strike and you are out ... for life

Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
The Calm Before the Debate
"You got the big debate tomorrow night on the Democratic side."Sign Up to Read More
"Bowe Bergdahl as we told you early on is not going to get any jail time. It's not gonna happen..."Sign Up to Read More
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