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Tuesday's Factor

  • Clinton Under Increased Scrutiny
  • Hollywood and the Election
  • Obama's Louisiana Visit
  • Tuesday's Talking Points

    To take the heat off their candidate, the Trump campaign is now focusing on Hillary Clinton's continuing email and Foundation controversies.


    Monday's Talking Points

    We are indeed a country of achievement, opportunity and success. If you are here, you can make it.


    No Spin News

    Trump is running around trying to throw a little gasoline on a smoldering fire...

    American Patriot Quiz

    In his most iconic performance, Kelly played Don Lockwood in what 1952 musical comedy? 

    Weekdays with Bernie

    Bernie Goldberg denounces the media for ignoring the fact that anti-Israel billionaire George Soros has contributed millions to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency.

    Stratfor's Intel Briefing

    By now, it is clear that London is trying to delay its formal discussions to leave the European Union for as long as possible...the British government still faces conflicting pressure...

    O'Reilly's History Quiz

    Pinkerton served as chief of intelligence to what general?

    Stossel's Weekly Column

    Vote for Donald Trump? No! Hillary Clinton? No! They are not trustworthy. They push bad ideas. Fortunately, we have another choice...

    The Contributing Factor

    Hillary Clinton’s troubles with the FBI might not be over, plus the Obama administration continues to transfer terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay to other countries.  What to make of all this? Listen Now.

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    If he becomes president, will Donald Trump actually move to deport millions of illegal immigrants?
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