No Spin News   |   Thursday, March 22
The strategy on the part of the hate-Trump movement is make it impossible for the president to govern...and you're just seeing this over and over and over again.

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Bill's Message of the Day
My new column today, available to all, focuses on what I call the “destroy” industry.  That is a well organized and well funded far-left movement that targets certain political people for destruction.   The attackers use accusations, internet smears and sponsor boycotts to ruin their opponents.  The column cites specific examples and I hope you will read it.

Does anyone think that if President Trump is exonerated by Robert Mueller in the Russian-collusion investigation that the hate-Trump movement will quiet down?  Anyone?
No Spin News   |   Wednesday, March 21
Donald Trump is furious about another leak within his White House. This is going to bring the president down unless he and General Kelly can stop this...

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Bill's Weekly Column

Emboldened by the damage they could do to political opponents, and using millions of dollars in donated money from guttersnipes like George Soros, the far left ramped it up on social media creating a Star-Chamber atmosphere where accusations were heralded as truth.

Bill's Daily Briefing
Our roundup of today's news for your perusal.
  • FBI Chief: Politics and the FBI don't mix
  • Trump: ‘Fake News Media Is Crazed’ Over Congratulating Putin
  • Trump fires back at ‘Crazy Joe Biden'
No Spin News   |   Tuesday, March 20
As you know, colleges in America are in big trouble and I think they're the same way in Canada. You have a very determined far-left crew that is zeroing in on white people.

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Bernie's Weekly Column

If Elizabeth Warren, the progressive senator from Massachusetts, is an American Indian as she claims, then I’m Chinese. For the record, I’m not. Though I have eaten at Chinese restaurants a few times and visited Shanghai once.

Stratfor's Intel Briefing
Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has gone from the frying pan to the fire...
No Spin News   |   Monday, March 19
The FBI vs. Donald Trump. This is about as big as it gets. And it's unique. I've never seen anything like this. But the kicker is how it affects you.

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Video of the Day

With zero evidence put forth, show after show on MSNBC Wednesday put forth the assertion that Russia has to be blackmailing Trump. This is, of course, the only reason for Trump to call Putin and congratulate him on his "re-election."