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Stratfor's Intel Briefing
Manned trips to Mars are on the horizon...
O'Reilly's History Quiz

What year did the United States Naval School open?

News Quiz

Acccording to the anti-gun Brady Campaign, which state has the most lenient gun laws in America?

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Until which month does the new budget fund the government?

Bernie's Weekly Column
Most Americans say they think we’re on the wrong track. 
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Tuesday's Talking Points
Free Stuff for Americans
Senator Bernie Sanders, drawing big crowds like this one in Boston, telling folks America should give them free stuff.

Sanders, of course, the nation's only socialist senator.

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Factor Followup
Is It Legal?
Impact Segment
Back of the Book
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Where Do You Stand?
You're a campaign strategist and your candidate is invited to be a guest on Saturday Night Live. What say you?
Absolutely, it humanizes
No way, it diminishes

Husband of Fox News Contributor Mary Katharine Ham and a senior policy advisor at the White House, Jake Brewer died tragically on September 19, 2015. He dedicated his life to helping others.

Please consider making a donation in his honor.
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
A Place Called Opa-locka, Florida.
"It's the same thing that he's doing with the sentencing. He's letting all these drug dealers out early from prison because he says, "Well, they're not really violent criminals.""Sign Up to Read More
"One of the interesting statistics is the Obama administration is deporting the fewest number of immigrants in the past twelve months since 2006. Nine years ago."Sign Up to Read More
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