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The Republicans and the Democrats are never going to agree on healthcare...

Bill's Message of the Day

As summer is finally here, there seems to be a malaise in Washington even before the big heat drops on the federal city.

President Trump is stilling learning how to govern and now faces a grueling health care law situation. 

BOR Staff Column

You can see the dilemma facing mainstream media outlets.  A crime against one of their prized victim groups was committed by a member of another victim group.  What to do?

No Spin News

In this country there is a cultural civil war, there's no doubt about it...

No Spin News

President Trump has not been provocative for a few days, which is a good thing, I think, for the nation...

O'Reilly & Miller

Watch Bill's dressing room interview with Dennis Miller before the Spin Stops Here Show in Westbury.

Stratfor's Intel Briefing

In the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia, the king is the ultimate decider. On June 21, King Salman implemented a significant decision by shaking up the line of succession...

Bernie's Weekly Column

The thing about old socialist politicians, like Bernie Sanders who is 75 and Britain’s Jeremy Corbyn who is 68, is that they have youth on their side.


No Spin News

Trump's got to defend himself, but he can't be obsessed with that...

O'Reilly & Miller on Tour

O'Reilly and Miller continue their 2017 tour, undeterred by the insanity in our national media. Click to watch clips from their sold out shows in Westbury, Long Island.

O'Reilly for The Hill

There simply was not enough news value in the Q&A between the internet bomb thrower and Megyn Kelly to mitigate the pain to families...

O'Reilly's History Quiz

In August 1814, British troops set fire to monuments in what city?

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Do you really, truly believe Republicans will pass a new health care bill?
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Observations & Analysis from Bill & Beck

The New York Times is not a newspaper anymore... it's a far-left progressive journal that coordinates its coverage with far-left groups.

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