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Tuesday's Factor

  • Craziness on Campus
  • Examining Domestic Terrorism
  • NYPD Beard Lawsuit
  • Bathroom Change at National Parks
  • The Contributing Factor

    Listen now to hear Jesse Watters and Factor producer Rob Monaco take you behind-the-scenes on the production of Watters’ World.

    No Spin News

    To have a television show on top for fifteen years and be on the air for twenty is almost unheard of.

    The Contributing Factor

    The Contributing Factor takes you deeper into the No Spin Zone! Listen Now.

    O'Reilly's History Quiz

    It is hard to overstate Franklin’s influence and contribution to the American cause, earning him what nickname?

    Impact Segment

    FNC's Kirsten Powers takes issue with the Talking Points Memo on immigration.

    Stratfor's Intel Briefing

    Now that British voters have expressed their desire to leave the European Union, politicians in the United Kingdom and on the Continent are planning their next steps. 

    Stossel's Weekly Column

    Just got out of jail? Odds are that within five years, you'll get caught doing something illegal and go back to jail. 

    News Quiz

    European Union bureaucrats infuriated UK residents two years ago when they issued strict regulations involving which household appliance?

    From Breitbart

    George Will doesn’t like Donald Trump. He didn’t like me, either. Come to think it, he also didn’t like Bill O’Reilly...

    Latest Poll

    The Benghazi Report and Hillary Clinton

    Will the just-released report by the House Benghazi Committee affect Hillary Clinton's presidential hopes?
    For sure, this adds to her 'honesty' problem
    It helps her because there is nothing new
    The report will have no effect at all
    Get back to me after I read it

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