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O'Reilly's History Quiz

What lake was created in the making of Hoover Dam?

News Quiz

Where did 10,000 people show up at a rally for Bernie Sanders last week?

Bernie's Weekly Column
Bernie’s poll numbers have been going up almost daily...
Top Story Quiz

Which state became the first to legalize gay marriage?

The Judge's Weekly Column
How much longer can her lawlessness go unchallenged and unprosecuted? Column
Which of the "Thou Shalts" is deemed so offensive that the monument must be banished? 
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Monday's Talking Points
The Vilification of Donald Trump Over Illegal Immigration
Does the truth hurt?

Or did Mr. Trump unfairly malign Mexico and millions of Mexican illegal aliens?

Talking Points will now answer those questions....Read The Memo
Where Do You Stand?
Where do you stand on Donald Trump's harsh comments about illegal immigrants?
Pitch perfect, Donald
A little too tough for me
Right message, wrong messenger
He is just plain wrong on immigration

Legends & Lies
The oldest child in a large Mormon family, teenage Robert Leroy Parker develops a problem with authority early...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Murder in San Francisco: Pushing Congress to Act
"The two big stories we are going to follow for you this week: the San Francisco murder of this girl is huge, and I think it may be a turning point off the Trump stuff.

We are going to be doing stories - I think I am going to send Watters out to San Francisco, and we are going to stir it up he..."
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"He actually traveled to the Pentagon - very unusual for him to go from the Oval Office across the river to Virginia into the Pentagon. It shows you that, look; he is getting his butt kicked right now.

As far as everybody knows, this is just a phony, phony war - and it is on him.

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