No Spin News   |   Wednesday, June 20
The Trump administration could not win with separating children from their parents even though their parents are doing a bad thing by taking their children here illegally.

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Bill's Message of the Day

Lost in the press hysteria over migrant children being detained without the adults who brought them illegally to the USA is the startling testimony of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

As has been widely reported,  Horowitz believes some FBI personnel investigating the Hillary Clinton-email case “violated” FBI standards and procedures.  Former FBI chieftain James Comey is included in that group.

No Spin News   |   Tuesday, June 19
The border kids update is hysteria now. It's hysteria and it's partly the fault of the Trump administration.

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No Spin News   |   Monday, June 18
There's an industry in Central America and Mexico that smuggles people into the United States. It's not that the migrants just come on their own. They don't.

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No Spin News   |   Thursday, June 14
There is a smoking gun in the Inspector General's report from the Justice Department. Michael Horowitz put out 500 pages. 499 of those pages are open to interpretation. One page is not.

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Bill and Beck discuss the biggest stories of the week including Inspector General Report, the Trump-Kim Summit, Tariffs, and more.
No Spin News   |   Wednesday, June 13
Well, I am an oracle again...I said that as soon as Donald Trump got back to the United States after the Singapore conference that the hate-Trump media would pivot into another story to attempt to make him look bad...

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Stratfor's Intel Briefing
The latest exchange of tariffs between the United States and China has increased the risk of a full-blown trade war that would have wide-ranging effects on the global economy.

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