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Monday's Factor

  • Trump Takes on American Business
  • What You Should Know About Gen. Mattis
  • Watters: What Do You Want for Christmas?
  • Wednesday's Talking Points

    One of the reasons Donald Trump won the presidency is that millions of Americans now believe they are being conned on immigration.

    No Spin News

    Once you knock the sanctuary cities out of the box, once you collapse that far left movement...

    News Quiz

    Trump's deal with the Carrier company is being denounced as 'crony capitalism' by which of his supporters?

    Video of the Day

    The top campaign aides for Clinton and Trump clash over what enabled Trump to win.

    BOR Staff Column

    The Obama team has had it in for Fox News from the beginning. Just after his inauguration in 2009, he accused FNC of being 'entirely devoted to attacking my administration.'

    The Contributing Factor

    Many on the left praised Fidel Castro after learning of his death. Why? In this episode, Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Krauthammer discusses the left’s love affair with Castro.

    Wednesday's Talking Points

    Trump is off to a good start with the Carrier deal. He might adopt a new motto with a nod to Teddy Roosevelt. Tweet softly but carry a big stick.

    Top Story Quiz

    Trump tapped James Mattis to head the Defense Department.  He's a former leader of which branch of the military?

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    We are a compassionate country, but there is a worldwide Islamic jihad underway and preventing harm from that has to be given priority over humanitarian concerns.

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    Doctor in the House

    What do you think of Donald Trump's decision to nominate Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?
    Inspired choice, great
    Good man, wrong job

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