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Bill Joins Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.
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Which candidate failed to walk on stage when his name was called?

Bernie's Weekly Column
The other day President Obama went to a mosque in Baltimore...
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President Obama is about to propose a hefty new tax on what? Column
Honest reporting is a breed that is fast nearing extinction.
Stratfor's Intel Briefing
Employing indiscriminate violence in a way that affects civilians will...
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Friday's Talking Points
Some New Polling Out of New Hampshire
With the big vote this coming Tuesday, polling takes on some gravitas at this point.

Wall Street Journal/NBC has Trump leading in New Hampshire with 30%.

Rubio, 17.

Cruz, 15.

Kasich, 10.

Bush, nine.

Christie,...Read The Memo
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Where Do You Stand?
How much damage will Marco Rubio's debate performance have on his campaign?
It's a blip, nothing
Not fatal, but it will cost him
There is no way he recovers, Marco's toast

Bill's Exclusive Commentary
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Bill's New Hampshire Forecast
"Since my Super Bowl prediction was the worst ever, and I predicted like ten games in a row correctly, I hesitate to predict the New Hampshire vote tomorrow, but I'm going to do it anyway because I'm Bold & Fresh, as you know. But don't bet on it. You can blame me; I mean if I'm going to be a big mou..."Sign Up to Read More
"Kasich is third.

He's spent a lot of time up there, Kasich. And his message is tailored to a certain type of voter in New Hampshire. And he's got a lot of people trying to get the vote out."
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