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You have to give Hillary Clinton credit, if for nothing more than...
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Abdulazeez had been watching tapes of which radical preacher?

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Which TV personality is "begging" Trump to appear on their program? Column
There is something terribly wrong when presidential candidates are too cowardly to renounce evil. 

Fox's Patriot Report
And, should all military service members be armed?
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Monday's Talking Points
Is the Senate Looking Out for Us?
When the Republicans took over the Senate, many Americans were relieved.

That's because the former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked a lot of legislation that could have...Read The Memo
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Where Do You Stand?
Republican Mike Huckabee ignited a firestorm when he invoked the Holocaust, claiming President Obama's Iran nuke deal is marching Israelis "to the door of the oven." Where do you stand?
Way, way out of line
Maybe slightly excessive
Exactly true and well-said

Legends & Lies
The oldest child in a large Mormon family, teenage Robert Leroy Parker develops a problem with authority early...
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Getting Kate's Law in front of the Senate
"You guys need to see. The country needs to see who opposes this, because it is insane.

Again, there is a good article on about Kate's Law, you should go read it, in all its simplicity.

I am a simple man. We are on it, we will follow it through this month..."
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"Trump continues to run pretty well, pretty well - he did not take much of a hit for the McCain thing.
I thought he would, but he did not. Two reasons for that - John McCain, not as revered in conservative circles, as maybe he should be.

Number two, so many people..."
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