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Bernie's Weekly Column
The Supreme Court Weighs In On Gay Marriage
O'Reilly's History Quiz

Who commanded the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg?

News Quiz

Greece may exit the Euro zone and bring back its former currency, which is what? Column

The USA remains a land of opportunity - but don't ask an Ivy League professor. Ask a Nigerian cab driver or a Kenyan scientist. 

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Wednesday's Talking Points
Are Religious Americans in Danger?
It is a fact of American life that the far left despises organized religion.

They see churches, synagogues, mosques as oppressive, standing in the way of things like abortion...Read The Memo
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Impact Segment
Truth Serum
Factor Flashback
Miller Time
Back of the Book
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Where Do You Stand?
Which recent Supreme Court decision, if any, bothers you the most?
Upholding ObamaCare
Legalizing same-sex marriage
Approving new redistricting rules
Another decision irks me even more
None, the Court was uniformly correct

Legends & Lies
The oldest child in a large Mormon family, teenage Robert Leroy Parker develops a problem with authority early...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Assessing the Second Quarter of 2015
"Half the year over. Not a great year so far. Financially the stock market has performed poorly, the economy is suspect, I think that's the best word, suspect.

Overseas terrorists are gaining strength, and here in the USA we're more divided on racial lines...."
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"I know a lot of black people and I'm not picking it up, maybe they're not being square with me because they know I have a strong point of view that I think America has gotten by the institutional racism business, and they disagree and just don't want to talk to me about it..."Sign Up to Read More
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