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Friday's Factor

  • War of Words Heats up
  • Trump's Immigration Plan
  • Escalating Tension with Iran
  • The Contributing Factor

    This year in Chicago, homicides are up nearly 50% compared to 2015. Listen now to go in depth on what's driving Chicago's high murder rate.

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    To take the heat off their candidate, the Trump campaign is now focusing on Hillary Clinton's continuing email and Foundation controversies.


    No Spin News

    Get the media spotlight away from him and what he’s doing and put it on Hillary Clinton...

    The Contributing Factor

    Listen now to hear Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton break down the developments and details on his organization’s efforts to get all the answers about Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

    BOR Staff Column

    Amid all the swirling storms of controversy regarding her emails and the Clinton Foundation, Mrs. Clinton is avoiding press conferences and tough interviews like they are the Zika virus.

    Top Story Quiz

    How many illegal immigrants are estimated to live in the United States?

    American Patriot Quiz

    In his most iconic performance, Kelly played Don Lockwood in what 1952 musical comedy? 

    Monday's Talking Points

    We are indeed a country of achievement, opportunity and success. If you are here, you can make it.


    Weekdays with Bernie

    Bernie Goldberg denounces the media for ignoring the fact that anti-Israel billionaire George Soros has contributed millions to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency.

    Latest Poll

    The French 'Burkini' Ban

    A beach town in France has outlawed the 'burkini,' the head-to-toe swim wear worn by some Muslim women. Where do you stand?
    Yes, ban this symbol of oppression
    Butt out, let a woman choose what to wear

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