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Wednesday's Factor

  • Trump Grades Lester Holt
  • Interesting Developments in Charlotte
  • Trump vs. Miss Universe
  • Tuesday's Talking Points

    The truth is both candidates can do much better. And to win the White House they will have to.

    Top Story

    Donald Trump tells The Factor what he thinks of the debate moderator's fairness on Monday night.

    No Spin News

    I just don’t think those kinds of issues, the beauty contest, the birther issue, are really...

    The Contributing Factor

    Professor Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted the popular vote winner of every presidential election since 1984, says his model forecasts a Trump victory in 2016. Listen now.

    Video of the Day

    MSNBC regular Howard Dean actually defends his claim that Donald Trump could well be a cocaine abuser.

    Monday's Talking Points

    If Colorado goes for Trump, he's the next president.  Same thing in states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

    Judge Nap's Weekly Column

    Did you hear the word "freedom" or any of its variants or the Constitution mentioned by either debater? I did not.

    Top Story

    Charles Krauthammer grades the debate and dismisses the 'instant polls' as unscientific garbage.

    The Contributing Factor

    With the unrest in Charlotte, the issue of police equipment and enforcement has never been more important. Listen now to learn what you need to know about policing in the post-9/11 world. 

    Latest Poll

    The Doctor is Out?

    Will MSNBC fire contributor Howard Dean, the former governor and presidential candidate, for suggesting that Donald Trump is a cocaine abuser?
    Yep, he's a dead screamer walking
    He will apologize and be welcomed back
    He'll never apologize, but will still return

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