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Elton John was center stage at the United Nations this week as President Trump branded the North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un, "rocket man" for his hobby of firing missiles all over the North Pacific region.

Almost immediately after the rocket-man reference, the anti-Trump brigades feigned outrage.  How dare the leader of the free world call a cruel despot "rocket man?"
No Spin News   |   Wednesday, September 20
Anti-Trump people didn’t like President Trump’s UN speech, however, reasonable observers said that he did a pretty good job.

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BOR Staff Column

Putting aside the speech and its merits or flaws, the post-game analysis provides a clear look at America in the age of Trump.  Whatever he does, whatever he says, the president's supporters support, his critics criticize.  It's just what they do.  

Bill's Daily Briefing

Our roundup of today's news for your perusal.

  • Trump Has Decided on Iran Deal
  • California Sues Trump Administration on Wall
  • Manafort Accused Of Selling Access
O'Reilly for The Hill

Elton John was center stage at the United Nations this week as President Trump branded the North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un, "rocket man" for his hobby of firing missiles all over the North Pacific region.

Killing England
With the attacks on American history, it is important that you check out my new book Killing England so you can be armed and dangerous with facts about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.  

Stratfor's Intel Briefing
In less than a week, the largest nation in the world without a state of its own — the Kurds — may finally hold a vote on whether to declare one. The approaching independence referendum, which Iraqi Kurdistan has planned for Sept. 25, marks the culmination of a long-running battle between the Kurdish government in Arbil and the central government in Baghdad. 
No Spin News   |   Tuesday, September 19
The big story today is Donald Trump's speech before the United Nations. Forty-one minutes. He read it, which is good. Tough to ad lib in front of the U.N. Remember, most of them don't speak English.

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O'Reilly on The Blaze
Bill joined Glenn Beck's radio program on Tuesday to discuss the release of his latest book in the Killing series, Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence.
The Today Show

Bill O'Reilly sits down with Matt Lauer on The Today Show to discuss the 'Political and Financial Hit Job' against him as well as his latest book, Killing England. 

Latest Headlines

Leaders of the student newspaper at Princeton University have disbanded the publication’s independent editorial board, a move that comes after the group put forth a string of right-leaning opinions, including denouncing the women’s center for its radical feminist agenda and arguing in favor of due process.

North Korea's top diplomat compared President Trump's comments during a speech to the United Nations General Assembly to the "sound of a dog barking."

A Republican bill that would turn Obamacare into a block grant program for states would reduce overall federal healthcare funding to states by $215 billion through 2026, and could reduce spending by as much as $4 trillion over 20 years, a new analysis found.

California filed a lawsuit on Wednesday over the Trump administration's plan to construct a wall along the border with Mexico, adding to the obstacles facing one of the Republican president's key campaign promises.

The United States and Iran will have their highest-level interaction of Donald Trump's presidency on Wednesday, a day after the American leader delivered a blistering attack on the Islamic Republic and the landmark 2015 nuclear deal that he appears poised to walk away from.

President Donald Trump's base of support is fracturing, according to CNN,which notes that recent polls show college-educated Republicans under 50 are abandoning the president.

President Trump's approval rating is ticking upward following his response to two major hurricanes and his bipartisan negotiations with Democratic leadership, according to a new poll. 

The U.S. is looking at the possibility of shooting down a future launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea, CNN reports.

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Ellen DeGeneres declares that the president of the United States is not welcome on her show because he is dangerous to the country and the world.