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Tonight on The Factor

  • Working Across the Aisle with Trump?
  • Trump's Strained Relationship with the Press
  • Is the Press Honest?
  • Monday's Talking Points

    It is quite clear that President Trump is going to be an activist. That means he's going to change a lot of things fast.

    Impact Segment

    A former Obama adviser admonishes Donald Trump for thus far not reaching out to his political opponents

    News Quiz

    Immediately after the Inauguration of Donald Trump, the Obamas traveled where?

    Friday's Talking Points

    With Mr. and Mrs. Obama sitting just a few feet away, Mr. Trump basically said that the last eight years have been a catastrophe for America.

    No Spin News

    He’s a new guy, he doesn’t have a political background, he’s going to make some rookie mistakes...

    Thursday's Talking Points

    We're getting word that the address will run about 30 minutes, but less is more.  It may be raining, and 20 minutes would probably be the best presentation.

    Top Story

    Charles Krauthammer analyzes Donald Trump's first speech as President of the United States.

    The Contributing Factor

    Donald Trump is now officially the 45th president of the United States. In this episode, Pulitzer-Prize winning historian Jon Meacham discusses Trump’s place in history.

    Unresolved Problems

    The state of California, partly due to the 'Trump Effect,' has withdrawn a controversial benefit for illegal immigrants.

    Latest Poll

    Sayonara, TPP

    President Trump has signed an executive order that pulls the USA out of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership. Where do you stand?
    Good news for American jobs
    No, more trade is always better
    I just don't know enough to opine

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