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Click here to read it on the AARP website.
Stratfor's Intel Briefing
This is obviously a tense time for Russia-Gulf relations...
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Paul Ryan chairs which important House Committee?

Bernie's Weekly Column
None of our rights come without limits.
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How many Americans are members of the National Rifle Association?

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Monday's Talking Points
President Obama Reveals Himself
If you did not see 60 Minutes last night, it is worth watching the interview with Barack Obama.

It is instructive because the president honestly feels he is doing an excellent...Read The Memo
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Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Impact Segment
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Campaign 2016
What the Heck Just Happened?
Back of the Book
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Where Do You Stand?
Donald Trump has agreed to host Saturday Night Live next month. Good idea?
Yes, he'll kill
No, he'll BE killed by the SNL leftists

Bill's Exclusive Commentary
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Democratic Debate Tonight
"So the Democratic debate tonight up against the Mets/Dodgers. Oh boy..."Sign Up to Read More
"Because you can ask Sanders and the rest of them, "Hey, are you buying Hillary Clinton's explanation..."Sign Up to Read More
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