Bill's Message of the Day   |   Wednesday, March 21
It is becoming increasingly obvious that President Trump did not actively seek Russia’s help in winning the Presidency.  Opponents of Mr. Trump are trying desperately to sell that premise but the heavy odds are they will fail.

Therefore, it is the women who are accusing Donald Trump that will soon begin to dominate press coverage.  60 Minutes and The Wall Street Journal are giving Stormy Daniels front and center coverage and it’s very strange.
No Spin News   |   Tuesday, March 20
As you know, colleges in America are in big trouble and I think they're the same way in Canada. You have a very determined far-left crew that is zeroing in on white people.

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No Spin News   |   Monday, March 19
The FBI vs. Donald Trump. This is about as big as it gets. And it's unique. I've never seen anything like this. But the kicker is how it affects you.

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No Spin News   |   Thursday, March 15
No matter how you feel about the president of the United States, the coverage of him is now officially out of control.

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  • Illegals Who Escaped After Oakland Raid Caught for Committing New Crimes
  • Joy Behar Compares Trump to Duterte
Bernie's Weekly Column

If Elizabeth Warren, the progressive senator from Massachusetts, is an American Indian as she claims, then I’m Chinese. For the record, I’m not. Though I have eaten at Chinese restaurants a few times and visited Shanghai once.

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The left wing media, led by fanatic Democrats like Maxine Waters, are still on the impeach Trump train, despite having no evidence of any wrongdoing. President Trump, of course, is fighting back.