House Approves Rules for Impeachment Probe; Whistleblower Identity Revealed
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 31, 2019
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- The House has voted to approve the rules for the impeachment probe—with only two Democrats voting against the resolution.

- Real Clear Politics Investigators reveal who they believe the whistleblower is along with his long history of anti-Trump bias. 

- John Bolton is scheduled to testify on November 7th – but will he show up?

- USA Today poll shows Joe Biden’s lead over Elizabeth Warren is shrinking but just last week, a different poll showed Biden widening his lead. More bogus polls?

- Kamala Harris set to restructure her campaign as she hemorrhages cash—the end seems to be near for the Harris campaign.

-Katy Perry has been sued $150G over an old Halloween picture where she dressed as Hillary Clinton

- Bill’s final thought on the fun of Halloween!


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