O'Reilly Addresses the Recent New York Times Hit Piece, the Trial for Kate Steinle's Murderer, & Bergdahl
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 23, 2017
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Bill began Monday with a candid exposition and explanation after a lengthy hit piece about him was published in The New York Times.  Here is some of what Bill said: 

"I guess I'm the lead story.  I don't want to be, but I am, so let's go through it.  Last April, the New York Times attacked me in a distorted way for these harassment deals and they won.  They organized an article that was misleading and had false facts, then Media Matters took it and threatened to boycott sponsors.  After that we started the No Spin News and it's been a fabulous success.  In addition, 'Killing England' has been number one and knocked off Hillary Clinton's book.  So, the New York Times said, 'We didn't kill him, we have to kill him again.'  They don't want me in the marketplace, that's what this is about.  Here on the website we have posted our statement, an affidavit, and notes written to me by Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson.  These are irrefutable facts." 

He continued with a searing indictment of the media:  "Allegations are now facts, papers don't check anything, and it's devastating.  The New York Times knows that I cannot specifically refute anything.  In 20 years and six months at the Fox News Channel I resolved three situations and I did that to protect my children from harm.  Part of the resolutions was that no one talks about it.  Obviously, that has been broken on the other side, but I can't do that because it would open everything up again."  He stressed, "I've been in the business for 43 years and I've never had a complaint filed by anyone at 12 different companies."  

Bill concluded the subject thusly:  "The bottom line is that my enemies who want to silence me have made my life extremely difficult and have hurt me in the marketplace.  Anybody who doesn't like me will believe all the stuff the smear merchants put out, but I'm interested in you, I'm interested in people who are fair-minded.  You have to decide, and you're smart enough to decide, what the real story is." 

Moving on to other news, Bill reported that the suspected killer of Kate Steinle, 54-year-old Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, is now on trial for murder in San Francisco.  "It's a jury of six men and six women," Bill said, "and Zarate could get 15 years to life.  He says it was an accident, that he stole the gun and it accidentally went off.  Remember that Zarate was deported five times and came back six times.  The feds wanted to pick him up, but San Francisco County let him out and Kate Steinle is dead.  I feel so bad for the Steinle family and we hope Zarate is convicted and sent away for a long time." 

In another legal case, the sentencing phase of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's trial has been delayed for two days in North Carolina.  "Bergdahl's lawyers are telling the judge that they can't get a fair hearing because of President Trump's negative comments," Bill said.  "But Susan Rice in the Obama administration called Bergdahl a hero and President Obama traded five Taliban for Bergdahl.  Doesn't that offset things?  The interesting thing is that the judge will hear from three individuals who were severely wounded when they set out to find Bergdahl in Afghanistan after he deserted.  I think Bergdahl will get 10 to 15 years, others think he'll get more." 

In an interesting situation involving Jimmy Carter, the 93-year-old former president said this to the New York Times: "I think the media have been harder on Trump than any president certainly that I've known about.  I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation."  Bill reported that the Times won't release tape of the interview because that statement doesn't mesh with their biases.  "I've always respected Jimmy Carter for being an honest man," Bill added, "even though I thought he was a bad president and he lost control of foreign policy and the economy.  But he tells the truth as he sees it." 

Bill turned to the National Football League and the waning National Anthem protests.  "The situation is de-intensifying," he observed, "and that's because the TV networks aren't showing the Anthem.  But in Miami, where a few players have knelt during the anthem, they usually have 400 police officers at the games for security.  Only 270 showed up yesterday, so it's interesting that police officers and military people are taking this personally.  I think this will go away, the damage has been done." 

Also in Florida, hat-wearing Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is still basking in her fleeting moment of fame.  She is now demanding that General John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff, apologize to her for character assassination.  "This is the same Frederica Wilson," Bill observed, "that called General Kelly a racist.  I think this is over for Wilson, she will go back into obscurity."

Bill concluded Monday's No Spin News with a very personal and heartfelt message about a close friend and how it relates to his present situation:  "I have a friend who helped me start BillOReilly.com and I've known him since we were five years old!  He got throat cancer a few years ago and it was nearly a death sentence.  He had to go through chemo, he just fought and fought and never complained.  He didn't know from one week to the next whether he would survive.  So, when I think about my situation I think about my pal of more than 60 years and I think about Charles Krauthammer.  Charles was paralyzed in an accident, but that didn't stop him from becoming one of the country's most eloquent spokespeople.  So if I'm in bed thinking 'woe is me,' I think about my friend and I think about Krauthammer and I think about Kate Steinle.  Am I mad at God?  Yes, I wish this stuff didn't happen.  But other people have it much rougher than me.  So when bad things happen, never give up fighting, never give up telling the truth, and never give up protecting your family."

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