O'Reilly on Mueller's Grand Jury and the Russia Investigation
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 4, 2017
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Hey BillOReilly.com Premium Members welcome to the No Spin News audio because I'm out here on eastern Long Island and I'm wearing my little bathing suit and a pullover here. Hair askew and enjoying a nice summer day. 

Now look, I wanted to do this special newscast, we usually don't go up on Fridays, because of the grand jury situation. Now, if you read the Message of the Day, which we posted yesterday, it's still there, you see that this is not an unusual occurrence. And anyone who knows how federal investigations are conducted would know that a grand jury would have to be impaneled somewhere along the line if the special investigator, I don't like to call Mueller a prosecutor because yes, he would be the one to bring charges if the situation warranted, but right now he's trying to get information. So he's an investigator, Robert Mueller. 

Now a lot of people think it's politicized already. Possible. You know, a lot of his staff are Democratic donors, lawyers that he's hired. Not unusual. Most of the intelligentsia and professional lawyer class are Democrats in this country. And again, I say to everyone, including President Trump, who I believe knows this, at least General Kelly, the chief of staff, knows it, the most important thing is to dispel the media speculation from the hate-Trump press that the president himself colluded in the election with the Russians. That's the most important thing. And the quicker that can happen the better. 

And if you have a grand jury made up of regular folks, and on Monday we're going to walk you through who's on the grand jury, how they get there, and all of that, so you know the structure, because it's fascinating. 

That grand jury is going to know that this is a political case, not a criminal case. This is politics, it's about politics. Alright. And they're going to know that. 

And unless there is information that you can see with your own eyes or hear with your ears, like a tape recording that shows the president or his top staff were in touch with the Russians to subvert the presidential election, all the other stuff is garbage, like this meeting with Donald Trump Jr. 

I was talking to Glenn Beck today about it, and that's posted on BillOReilly.com by the way, that conversation, as we do every Friday. The meeting is garbage. Alright. It was...yes, the Russian lawyer and the P.R. flak from Great Britain enticed Donald Trump Jr. to a meeting saying we got dirt on Hillary Clinton. Yes, that's true. But there's no crime there. Any operative, any political operate on any opponent, if somebody says we got dirt on here, they said Ok, what do you got? Let's hear it. Anybody would do that. That's not illegal. 

And then in the meeting, which all accounts were very short, there were discussions about adoptions and lifting sanctions off Russian oligarchs. That was the point of the meeting. It was a bait and switch. The Russians said they had stuff on Hillary Clinton. They didn't. And then they wanted to talk about getting the sanctions off the oligarchs. That's what it was about. And the adoption, because Putin banned adoption by Americans of Russian kids. That came up. 

So, Trump, apparently, after his son told him about the meeting, said "hey, you know so a lot of it was about adoption, right? That's what we say." 

There was no other stuff that was in the meeting of note. There was no dirt on Hillary Clinton dished. So what's wrong with that? That's not a crime. What's wrong with it? 

Now whether they misstated what the meeting was and the minutia of it and all of that that CNN and MSNBC and The New York Times think is so important, Ok fine. But it's not a crime. 

And so all of that is going to come up in a grand jury exercise. So I like that, I want for the good of the nation, for the good of the country, I want this story to be fully exposed no matter what happened and then forgotten about, or if there is criminal activity, which I doubt, then we'll go ahead with it. 

I want it to be done and I think General Kelly is the same way. And I told back today, I said, you know one of the interesting things is in the past Donald Trump would've tweeted his brains out about this grand jury thing, there would have been outrage, and this and that, there would have been venting. Now, you didn't hear a word about it.

That's Kelly. That's Kelly. 

So, President Trump says that he did not collude with the Russians, he didn't have any discussions with any of them about the election. That's what he says, that's clear. He's entitled to the presumption of innocence. Ok, forget it, you're never going to get that in the press today, ever. 

If the press doesn't like you, doesn't like your politics, doesn't like anything about you, they're going to convict you as soon as an allegation is made. Doesn't matter who makes it, doesn't matter how wild it might be, they'll convict you. That's what the dishonest press does. That's why my opinion of journalism in this country has dropped to a level that... I mean, I can't tell you, I don't even read the New York Times anymore. I won't even look at it because I know what they're doing. And I count, you know, I go on these Web sites like The Washington Post, and I just count every single day the anti-Trump stuff, speculation after speculation after speculation. And cable? Forget it. Forget it. I mean, you're not going to get the truth.

So let's just sum up here. Mueller is smart to impanel a grand jury. It makes his job easier and quicker. He subpoenas what he wants to subpoena, he brings in people under oath, they tell him what they know, what they don't know, and that's all. There's no evidence at all, none has been put forth that Donald Trump did anything wrong. Now, maybe Manafort, maybe some of his other people, maybe they did, and if they did they're going to have to pay a price. Flynn, there's already a grand jury looking into him.

And I want to know who did what. And I want to know in an orderly way. And remember, you lie to a grand jury, that's a crime. You leak... if one of the grand jury members were to leak, that's a felony. So maybe we'll get an investigation with no leaks. 

And finally, I want to tell you this. You know, the leak about President Trump's conversations with the president of Mexico and the Australian prime minister were so harmful to this nation I can't tell you. And it doesn't matter whether you parse what Trump said to Nieto and Turnbull, it doesn't matter. Trump's on the phone. He's trying to make some points. Any human being talks this way if you look at the transcript. You can say this, you can't do that, this is how people talk. But the fact that somebody in the White House would take a transcript and give it to The Washington Post, that's treason to me.

Now Beck said legally it isn't treason. OK. I'm not talking about legal stuff now. I'm not. I'm not talking about legal stuff. It's immoral. It hurts the nation. I don't care if it's Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, if you're the president of the United States you have to be able to have confidential conversations on your phone with world leaders. You have to.

And you know, Trump didn't like the deal that Obama made with the Australians to take refugees that were living on an island in the Pacific, because Australia won't accept any refugees. They won't accept any of them. Their coast guard actually picks them up and takes them to a remote island in the South Pacific. That's Australia's policy, because they know if they did take the refugees they'd be overrun in South Asia. So they don't take anybody. 

But Obama, he makes a deal with Australia to take a couple of thousand of these people who are living on the island, impoverished, they have no skills, they can't speak English, and Trump says this is crazy. This is a bad deal for us. I'm going to look like an idiot if I do this. And this is what he's talking about to Australia. And that's exactly what Trump would say because that's what he campaigned on, to have an immigration system that helps the nation rather than hurt it. Now you can disagree with that. You can disagree with his immigration cut back, which isn't going to happen by the way. 

The United States gives a million green cards out a year. That's not going to change. And there are industries that need laborers who are unskilled to do the agricultural work and do other work. There are industries that need that. And if we can't fill them from within then they should take foreign labor. That helps everybody. But it's got to be done orderly. You just can't stroll across the border. That's insane. 

So, you know, to me I'm sitting here and enjoying my summer. I'm not in any hurry to get back into the corrupt journalism game. And by the way, I'm not corrupt. Ok. That I can tell you, to quote Donald Trump.

I am sitting here and I am getting more and more and more disgusted with the media. 

And I mean, what they did to me was a horror. And in upcoming weeks we're going to give you information about that. But what they're doing to Trump is just sinful. And they couldn't care less. 

So, this grand jury for Americans is a good thing. Alright, let's get this stupid thing done one way or the other. You know, I know that's not going to happen quickly, it's going to be another year dragging it out. And what this is all about for the press is overthrowing the election. 

The American media is never going to accept the fact that Hillary Clinton lost. Never. They are never going to accept it. And every second that Donald Trump spends in the White House the media is going to try to disrupt his administration. That's what it is. That's what it is. And you have elements of that now even at Fox doing that. OK. Because there's been a big sea change there, as you know. And this is like 100 percent across the board. Our goal is to make it impossible for Donald Trump to run the country. 

Now, going back to Kelly, the new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly. Brilliant move. And Kelly, I'm going to reiterate it again, I don't want to be repetitive but he's the one that stopped Trump from tweeting about this grand jury. I'm positive of this. 

Now Trump goes on a 17-day working vacation. Here's what that means. As we discussed before, he doesn't really have many hobbies. He doesn't, you know, he's not a guy that's going to lay in the chair and read a book. He's not going to do that. 

So, he's going to Bedminster, New Jersey. He has a beautiful club there, gorgeous club, great golf course, and he's going to play golf and he'll meet people and have discussions. Kelly will be there. All his crew will be there, and he's going to take a couple of weeks off. He'll have his kids there and his wife there and that's what he'll do. This is the Mar-a-Lago north in the summer. He doesn't like Palm Beach in the summer, it's too hot. 

So he's going to be there, and then you assume that Trump being Trump, he'll go out, he'll do some speeches. You know, he just is too restless, he's too hyper. He'll do stuff. But you can also assume that the press will try to do everything they can to keep the Russia story alive, to keep pounding the speculation, to keep convicting Donald Trump of whatever they can think of, we're going to convict him of. 

And the final thing is, you know, if you look at the economy, and that's what it's all about for Trump, the economy is doing well. It's doing well. The stock market is crazy, crazy good. Unemployment, very, very low now. 

I just saw that Mazda and Toyota are going to build a big plant in the United States. You know, if Trump can get this tax cut passed, which is everything by the way, this is the story of the fall. He's getting no matter what they do, how they attack him about Russia or anything else. If he gets this economy in a really strong place, his administration will then turn around and regain momentum. 

So, Kelly understands it. I understand it. It's up to the president to rein in his emotions. He has got to do that, but he has some advantages now economically. And that's where we are. 

So anyway, look, I want you all to have a really, really great weekend. I'll give you a couple of updates.

We have a book called The Day the World Went Nuclear, off Killing the Rising Sun. It's a kids book but adults can read it. With what's going on in North Korea, a very important book.

We have Legends & Lies: The Civil War, you'll love it.

Old School: Life in the Sane Lane if you want some laughs on the beach, where I am. That's a perfect book to read. 

And we have the Miller/O'Reilly shows, which are a blast, in Baltimore, Tampa, Caesar's Palace in Vegas, and Honda Center in Anaheim. Just go to BillOReilly.com, where you are now, and we'll link you up with the box office. Great gifts those tickets make. 

And next Wednesday we're going to do a special thing on the Web site. A preview of what we might do full time. So, we want you all to look in and give us your feedback on it. It's pretty interesting, our concept. We've doubled our Premium Membership since we've started doing these podcasts, or broadcasts, whatever you want to call them. Lots of interest in what we're doing because what we're doing is honest. It's honest. 

I'm not rooting for anyone. I'm rooting... I shouldn't say that, I'm rooting for the country, the country is not a person. But I'm rooting for the country because we need a change here. We need to change. And next week that's going to be my theme. The changes that we as Americans need to make to make this country great again, to quote President Trump. Alright. Have a great weekend and we'll talk again on Monday.

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